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You've probably heard or seen ads that scream and shout "Everyone

is aproved!!!" only to be disapointed by the small print full of

requirements such as marrige status, credit score, income, if you've

filed for bankrupcy, repossession, or whether you are a first time

buyer.  Well we are here to tell you regardless of your credit score

we can help, whether you want to do buy here pay here or use

credit.  But if buy here pay here is what you're looking for, here are

our 3 only requirements.

Our Requirements

01 Down payment

​Very straight forward.  Each car's downpayment is based on the total price of the vehicle.  If down payment is not displayed on the vehicle please contact us via phone (918)234-3500, email or come in and visit us.



02 Proof of Employment and Identification.

You would need to provide some sort of proof of employment ( Paystub, or I9 etc.) .  Accepted Identifications (Drivers license, State issued ID, Passport, Matricula consular, etc.) if you have any questions please contact us.



03 Full Coverage Insurance.

Full converage insurance with $500.00 deductible will need to remain on the vehicle until paid in full. 





That's it!

If you have any questions or concerns please feel free to reach out to us, we are flexible and are determined to work with you with your next purchase.

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