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2002 Ford Mustang Convertible

Model: 2002 Ford Mustang

MPG: 20 city / 29 highway

Horsepower: 190 hp @ 5,250 rpm

Towing capacity: 1,000 lbs

Engine: 3.8 L V6

Fuel tank capacity: 15.5 gal

Wheelbase: 101.3″

Ford launched what became known as the pony-car phenomenon 37 years ago, with its 1964.5 Mustang — which was introduced during the 1964 model year. Since then, the sporty compact coupe and convertible have gone through a series of generations and were most recently redesigned in 1999.

Even in a tamer trim level with a V-6 engine, the Mustang flaunts a sporty appearance that is focused on its long-hood/short-deck profile. Several of the current styling cues are evolutions of the Mustang’s appearance from more than three decades ago, including the hood scoop, side scoop and a grille that contains a pony emblem in a chrome corral. Vertical taillights resemble a tri-bar style, and the single-wing spoiler on the back of the GT model enhances its performance image. Convertibles have a glass back window and a power-operated top that stows beneath a hard boot.


The Mustang seats four occupants on front bucket seats and a split, folding rear seat. Realistically, the backseat is better suited for children than adults. Because the Mustang sits a few inches taller than the Camaro, seating is more upright and the car is easier to enter and exit. Like those on the Camaro and Firebird, the doors demand considerable room to the sides in order to open fully. Cargo volumes are a modest 10.9 cubic feet in the coupe and 7.7 cubic feet in the convertible.

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